Benefits of using Cleanbake Coating Solutions services:

  • Elimination of grease & oils
  • Reduction in the number of rejects caused by sticking to the mould
  • Anti-corrosive protection of the mould in dough fermentation areas
  • Reducing cleaning time
  • Less disruption caused due to maintenance of automatic lines
  • Increased standards in hygiene and quality assurance
  • Increase yields

Bakeware examples:

  • Morning goods trays
  • Baquette perforated and fluted aluminium trays
  • Bread strap tins
  • Stainless wire mesh trays, indented trays
  • Pizza pans crumpet rings
  • Mixing bowls, moulders
  • Dough chutes, racks
  • Dough hoppers
  • Rollers and blades